Gotta Love Capitalism. Right?

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Supply and demand, price point — market forces are a powerful thing.  They’re the reality of how our financial system operates.  But still, it’s so darn unfair sometimes … it can’t help but burn a little.  Target messed up big time with their Missoni collection.  There’s really no excuse.  A company that large and that successful, their computer systems simply should have been ready to handle the influx of traffic and should have been programmed correctly to manage inventory vs. incoming orders.  I was interested to learn that Target’s website had been managed in conjunction with Amazon up until a month before the Missoni launch at which point Target took on sole management of its website.  Oops.  If you ask me, it’s just plain irresponsible.  And then canceling the orders of customers that were placed at 6 am on the day of the launch while fulfilling orders placed later for the exact same merchandise.  It’s incredibly disrespectful of their dedicated customers.  But the amazing thing is that Target, most likely, will not have to pay any price for the blunder.  Had a smaller company pulled the same thing, it would be out of business, plain and simple.  Target being Target, we all somehow still feel the need to shop there — a need that doesn’t go away overnight.  We still see it as a unique source of affordable, tasteful fashion.  True style for the masses.  And the designer collaborations continue.

So, in spite of the morally righteous anger that I feel toward Target for canceling a large part of my order (yes, I’m secretly glad they did, since they saved me a hell of a lot of money spent on stuff I absolutely did not need … but still), I find myself compelled to jump right on board again and order half of the hats in the Albertus Swanepoel for Target collection.

They’re great hats.  They’re $19.99 each.  I am not a hats person.  I feel utterly self conscious in a hat.  And yet for $19.99, who can resist?  They’re just so darn much fun.  And that is much of the beauty of fashion after all — having fun.  So I already have the darn hats in my cart at, and am planning my trip to the store for those that aren’t available online.

Interestingly, Target has three designer launches today:  Albertus Swanepoel hats, Josie Natori lingerie and Dana Kellin jewelry.  I’ll give the Natori and Dana Kellin collections a chance when I’m at the store.  But I suspect that I will find that, as pretty as the styles are, the quality of the material for the Natori collection isn’t really what I’m looking for in intimates, and that the Dana Kellin jewelry looks to cheap to be worth it.  Maybe not, but I’m not rushing to the store.  It would serve Target right of the merchandise just sits on the shelf.  Not that it will hurt their business much.

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