Fun And Easy Gift That Saves Brain Cells

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If you haven’t discovered it yet, is a terrific site.  They find really fun, quirky products.  I am now obsessed with today’s find – Native Union.  Native Union makes retro phone hand sets for smartphones.  When I showed this to my husband he looked at me really funny – so I’d think carefully about whom you give this too.  But, for the right person, I think this could be the holiday go-to gift.

Who is the right person?

1.  Anyone who is frustrated by the fact that when talking on a cell phone it is hard to multi-task because you cannot perch the phone between your ear and shoulder the way you could a good old handset.

2.  Anyone paranoid about the potential brain cancer (or just “brain change”) effects of talking frequently with a cell phone next to one’s head.

3.  Anyone who likes things just because they look cool and pretty.

4.  I was pretty sure I had another idea about who needed this headset and suddenly can’t remember what it was — clearly the result of spending too much time with a cell phone pressed against my ear and burning brain cells.

The handset retails for $29.99.  Native Union also offers a version with a weighted base for $49.99.  The handset is available on, but is selling out fast.  However, Native Union sells both versions on its site and Amazon carries them as well.

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