Oh Deer, I Love You So

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I’m of the opinion that we collect kitschy deer art.  My husband likes to point out that we only have one art object which is a deer:

Dennis Svoronos, Bargain Hunter, 2007

Someone elected to stand up the body which was not what the artist intended, but kind of cracks me up, and definitely reduces problems with traffic flow.

It seems to me that it is such a defining piece, that it pretty much demands that we collect deer art.  So I love this piece!  Kind of have to have it.  Right?

Artist: Frederique Morrel; Photo Source: Trendland

Frederique Morrel is a collaboration between two artists, a husband and wife team, Frederique Morrel and Aaron Levin (I know, a little confusing, but there it is).  They create taxidermy models which they ultimately cover with vintage tapestries.  Clearly I have a thing for art that spoofs taxidermy, so this resonates with me.  The results are one of a kind objects which sell for anywhere from $150 to $13,000.  You can check all of their work out on their site, http://www.frederiquemorrel.com.  The philosophy behind the work is rather interesting.  It is no wonder their work appeals to me, as the philosophy states:

We question the dynamics of man vs woman, of craft vs industry, of art vs decoration, of man vs animal, of beauty vs ugly, luxury vs cheap

The pieces are really wonderful.  As a design element, in a modern room they add a pop of color and intricacy that can be quite compelling and energize the space.  Some of Morrel’s works even include human figures — pretty trippy.

-grafter Frederique Morell #10 Fréderique Morrel -grafter Frederique #2 -grafter frederique Morrel #8 -grafter frederique Morrel #7

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