Wish You Could Be a Bird Enjoying a Martini? Me neither.

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Different strokes for different folks I guess.  My grandmother’s favorite expression – “that’s what makes horse races” – comes to mind.  In case you couldn’t have guessed by now, I have fairly strong feelings about eating spaces.  I prefer clean simple spaces in cool tones for a kitchen.  I’m convinced that in warm colored spaces – especially yellow kitchens – one tends to overeat.  I see this as an obvious point, although I’ve been told by people I know (even people whose aesthetic tastes I respect) that they prefer warm colored eating spaces, so clearly this is a matter of personal taste.  I do get the warm, dimly lit, cozy restaurant thing, and enjoy it for a night out.  So even though this elegant restaurant model goes against my aesthetic inclinations, I am open-minded enough to see the appeal and enjoy such restaurants.  But this amazing new (relatively new) restaurant, Twister, in Kiev is beyond me.  Cool design, no doubt.  I don’t mean to disrespect the design team’s creativity – because it’s a phenomenal space that surpasses anything I could possibly conceive.  But how this is someplace anyone would want to eat, is beyond me.

The dining section, which was apparently modeled on the idea of tornados and rain, is straightforward.  The metaphor seems a little strained if you ask me.  But the space is lovely and pleasant enough.

 But the bar …

 The walls are covered with sticks glued together.  The idea here is “nest”.  Again, the implementation seems awfully literal.  But more than that, this doesn’t seem like an inviting space to sit in.  The designers were apparently going for warm and cozy.  For a bird maybe.  Not so much for a human.  The chairs, admittedly, are cool, and look like they might be comfortable … in a way.  Try to envision yourself sitting enjoying a drink in those chairs.  Do you have a picture in your mind?  Because personally, I’m not seeing it.  My drink all over my lap is what I’m seeing.  Or else an extremely uncomfortable perch, completely unsupported, on the front edge of the chair.  It’s like an enforced yoga class while you’re just trying to enjoy a martini.  I’ll take my martini without the yoga.


For more on Twister, visit Twister Restaurant | CoolBoom.

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