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This is going to sound like bitching.  And it’s not meant to be – honestly – because it doesn’t really matter in the end.  As addicted as I may be to shopping, I desperately need outside controls, so when something gets in the way of my throwing away money, it’s just as well.  As seriously as I might take fashion, I know that the world doesn’t rise and fall over one pair of shoes.  What aggravates the hell out of me is when large scale businesses can’t figure out how to operate in an organized manner.  Certain issues just shouldn’t be that hard.

I have been looking forward to the new Aldo Rise shoe collections arriving at for some time now (see my January 24 post on Affordable Designer Capsule Collections).  It has been available through Selfridges, but they don’t ship to the US.  The Aldo Rise website states quite clearly that the shoes will be available on ASOS (which does ship to the United States) on February 15.  They weren’t.  The shoes appeared slowly but surely on the site throughout the course of the day on February 16.  In the morning (US time, so later than that in London) four styles were showing up on the site.  By afternoon there were more, but if you did a normal search for them, you were likely to find most of them.  I found that if I googled “Aldo Rise ASOS Libertine” I could get to the page with the shoes I was looking for but could in no discernible way access from within the ASOS site.  Finally, by Thursday night they were all there.  As I say, no big deal, but why not just say that some of the shoes will start to be available on ASOS around February 15 — or something — or else actually have all of the shoes up on February 15?  This plan has been in the works for some time.  It’s not like the two companies couldn’t see it coming.  Is it really that hard to get the information right?  It cracked me up that as of last night, as February 15 drew to a close, every site affiliated with Aldo Rise still stated that the shoes would be available on February 15.  There’s no one in the office there that checks on and corrects these things?

The other really big miss — and this is the one that’s getting in the way of my buying the shoes — is the pricing.  The Aldo Rise website lists pricing for all of the shoes in both pounds and dollars — they are priced at either $175/£135 or $155/£125.  When I initially saw the dollar pricing a month ago I was surprised, since it is below what has been the exchange rate.  As of the 16th, £135 would be roughly $213 and £125 would be $197.  But, ha, fooled ya, on the dollar pricing to order these shoes from the United States is $241.72 and $223.81 respectively.  So my questions are a) why put the wrong price on the Aldo Rise website (is this going to be the price when the shoes arrive in Aldo stores on March?  was it the price given the exchange rate at the time that someone typed up the web page?  if either of the aforementioned, could they really not have been clearer about it?)? and b) why is the dollar price on notably higher than that dictated by the exchange rate?  Is it to compensate for shipping costs since ASOS provides free shipping to the US?  I understand why they would handle it that way, but it seems pretty slimy to me.  The inconsistencies are of very little consequence, but why be sloppy?

I was so excited for the shoes in large part as consolation for the fact that I was sure I wasn’t going to succeed in getting the Mary Katrantzou pieces I wanted.  And shoes are kind of a nice source of solace anyway when you find yourself in the midst of oh-my-god-it’s-february-and-I’m-still-overeating-from-the-holidays-will-I-ever-fit-into-anything-cute-again.  The good news is that the trend for this spring seems to be in really fun and brightly colored shoes, so cute shoes are pretty easy to find.  If you can’t afford to go designer, here are some fun alternatives.  This is one instance in which I would say, get three really fun pairs of shoes rather than the designer ones — it will cost you less money anyway.

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