Dress It Up, Call It What You Will, It’s Still Marc Jacobs

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Isn’t it kind of intriguing how a designer can design multiple collections simultaneously?  It is one thing to create nice clothes.  It is altogether another talent to be able to distill the essence of a design house, in the absence of the founding visionary, and to design consistently with the feeling and aesthetic of the house, and at the same time completely shift gears and create a distinct vision for your namesake collection which is utterly separate.

In this context, Marc Jacobs’ relationship with Louis Vuitton is somewhat unusual.  Although Louis Vuitton had long since established itself in the world of luggage and leather goods, Marc Jacobs was Artistic Director for the first ready-to-wear collection.  So there is, in essence, no Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear style separate from Jacobs.  Yet somehow, over the years, he has managed to weave a fairly distinctive look for the brand.  Sometimes it is more distinct from the collection he puts out under his namesake label, sometimes less so.  Looking ahead to Fall 2012 I’m having an awfully hard time telling the two apart.  To a great extent it may have to do with styling.  Styling plays a not insignificant role in giving an identity to a collection.  But, however you look at it, I find the choices that Jacobs made in presenting these collections surprising.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2012

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