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Yesterday’s post led me to think about not so much collaborations with artists, but instances in which fashion has modeled itself directly on works of art.  In the twentieth century, no one really did fine art fashion as well as Yves Saint Laurent.

In 1965 he presented his Mondrian collection:

Piet Mondrian

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In response, simplicity offered its own version of the dresses for the home sewer and there’s even a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent barbie doll.  The doll is a tribute to Saint Laurent whose dress is based on Mondrian — oo, how very postmodern.

Simplicity 6400
"Au Revoir, Yves!" exhibit

The same year, Yves Saint Laurent did his spin on Serge Poliakoff:

In 1953 he had already tried his hand at Henri Matisse:

He did Tom Wesselmann and Pablo Picasso:

For his 1988 spring-summer collection, Saint Laurent drew on a number of artistic “masters”.   A number of items were designed in tribute to Georges Braque.

In a moment of a surprising lapse in taste (many people I’m sure wouldn’t agree, but as mentioned in an earlier post about Rodarte, Van Gogh is kind of a personal pet peeve) the collection also drew upon the work of Vincent van Gogh.

Perhaps most disturbing, 1988 witnessed Yves Saint Laurent on Monet … although truth be told, much as I am put off by the painting, the jacket is kind of interesting (in a big glitzy shoulder pad kind of way).

Looking at it all together, done over and over the device seems to me to get a bit tired. But I do love the Mondrian collection (and the Wesselmann dresses, although I’m having trouble envisioning actually wearing them). Mondrian makes for some darn good fashion.

Christian Louboutin shoes

Christian Louboutin shoes

Van Gogh … not so much.

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