Black Tie Invites Only

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I would like to start a movement for more formal social events.  Not that I would advocate getting more formal overall.  I’m a dyed in the wool t-shirt and jeans gal.  Every day.  Maybe with a cardigan.  But there is really nothing quite like a great full length gown.  Not a maxi dress, but a true gown.  Putting aside for the moment the fact that they usually start at $1000 on the low end, a great gown and sky high heels are fashion at its most exquisite.  When it comes to gown, whether from up and coming designers or tried and true veterans, the Fall 2012 collections do not disappoint.

1.  Katie Ermilio

This Woman Is Seriously Hot – To Die For Dresses

2.  Natalia Grzybowski

Modern Grace

3.  Rochas

Sleek, Sexy, Striking

4.  Zac Posen

Whatever else he might do, Posen’s true mastery lies in the formal gown.

5.  Carolina Herrera

Classic Elegance Reinvented

See? I’m in need of a lot of party invitations. (Plus an investor.)

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