More Fun With Dick And Jane or I <3 Katherine Desjardins

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So, we went to the Proof of Purchase  postcard sale for the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  It’s on for one more day, there are a lot of great postcards still available, and all of the details are listed on Thursday’s post.   I am particularly excited about the postcard we bought.  The idea, as I have mentioned, is that you pick the postcard you like without knowing who the artist is until after you pay for it.  That does not, however, preclude you from identifying an artist by recognizing his or her style.  This is the postcard we bought:

Katherine Desjardins, "Train Boy", 2003

It felt slightly like cheating because I recognized it as being by an artist whose work I had admired a number of times as part of the Boston Drawing Project at the Carroll and Sons gallery.  You can see many more images of her work on the gallery website.  It doesn’t reproduce very well online because Katherine Desjardins uses various media and textures that are an important part of the work but can’t be seen in the reproduction.  Her work has actually changed significantly in recent years.  She is now living in Chicago, and much of her has a performance component.  The early work for the Boston Drawing Project, however, was wonderful and incredibly charming.  There is a Dick and Jane quality to her drawing style, but she knows just how to twist it so that her pictures tell a story that at times would make Dick and Jane blush but would almost always leave them really confused.

From - Katherine Desjardins


A quick follow-up:   Since my post on iPhone cases, I have found that I had barely scratched the surface of what’s out there.  And since my post itself would suggest that you could see the cases I showed as a representation of my identity, I’m feeling a little misrepresented.  There are far too many choice for it to make any sense for me to go back and blog on the subject again, but I wanted at least to post the case that I have finally selected for my own phone.

(Ideally, I want one of the by graffiti artist Crash, but so far can only find them on the british website DivineSeven. If anyone knows of a U.S. site that carries these cases, please send me an email!)


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