What If The Puritans Were Graffiti Artists, How Cool Would That Be

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Faces of Dudley, Mike Womble and the MMC, Roxbury, MA, 1995, Acrylic paint

I received my daily update from the Boston Magazine blog with tremendous excitement today, because there were a few posts which touched directly on issues I have been thinking about a lot lately.    The first was entitled “How Boston Shapes City Resident:  A new study proves that we’re still bound by our Puritanical history”.  The post directs the reader toward Emily Badger’s piece for The Atlantic Cities in which she discusses a study entitled “The Cultural Construction of Self and Well-Being:  A Tale of Two Cities“.  Those two cities are Boston and San Francisco.  The idea behind the study is that these cities have a tremendous amount in common, offering a perfect opportunity to examine what factors, then, might be responsible for the cities’ profound cultural differences.

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