April Flowers Bring May Showers, But By June Everything Should Be Coming Up Roses Again

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Just in time for graduation, the ASOS Salon collection of dresses has arrived, and they are truly exquisite.  Most dresses are around $200, so they’re not your usual fast fashion bargain, but are not outrageous for the quality of workmanship and detail.  ASOS also has going for it the fact that it is not yet a big U.S. presence, so chances are if you buy one of these dresses for yourself or your daughter for graduation, you’re not likely to run into anyone else wearing the same dress.  And yes, although it is a small collection, it includes a variety of dresses some suitable for a teenage girl, others quite appropriate for her mother.  They are so precious that I truly don’t know how to begin to choose.

Three Dresses For The Graduating Teen

1. ASOS SALON Pretty Dress in Floral Appliqué $208.74


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